i hate routine i hate schedules i hate plans

what i would give to be able to go home and fall into bed holding someone

No longer patient for those who only care about getting drunk or getting laid. How is it “living life to the fullest” if it’s routine?

i've gotten to that point where I very rarely drink and if I do I stop before I can get wasted in fear that I won't have control of myself, that I'll become the type of doofus that I despise. I don't like that person. I know what I like — I like supporting those who don't have much support, whether they be artists or just people who are seeing hard times. I wish I had a lot of money, I could share it — but I only have enough to barely live on.  My entire being sees the world as justice and injustice, and I want to one day make it my duty to expose injustice in hopes of fixing it all — but I know I can never fix it all. I can, however, try to be the best person I can, I guess. 

people might not understand you

i understand 

i've felt similar thoughts

i've tried to wash those away, but it's just true nature

humans are fucked and they don’t know why

but if they open their minds they might find a solution

who knows if we’re one of the final generations

or maybe the final

come cuddle and watch godard movies with me